Sunday, December 7, 2008

Give a gift of Preparedness

Give a Gift of Preparedness for any Occasion......

Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries, Mothers/Fathers Day, Easter, or Whenever!

Items with sayings-

~Flashlights ~100 Hour Candles ~Matches ~Oil Lamp with oil ~Candles

“You light up my day/life”

“May your Christmas be Merry and Bright”

“You are so bright”

“Let your light so shine”

“We love how you light up our lives, we've come to depend on your glow. Here's a Flashlight to store, so you'll

always be sure, to create light wherever you go.”


“No one matches you as friends/neighbors/family.”


“The kindness you show, makes our friendship/love grow and grow”

~Paper Towels (1, 3, 6, ect. Month supply)

“Blot your troubles; absorb the Christmas Spirit”

~Hand Egg Beater/Blender

“Have an Eggstra Special Holiday”

~Wheat Grinder

“Grind away your worries; have a special day”

“Just Grind right into a loaf of bread; happy holidays”

~Fire Extinguisher

“My love Burns for you; Happy Valentines/Anniversary”

~Solar Oven

“Here's a little help for Sunshine to brighten your day”

~Honey (Any size, with honey dipper & bow on top)

“Bee Prepared; Have a happy Holiday”

“Bee-cause you are great neighbors; Happy Holidays”

~Hand Crank Radio or Ham Radio

“Tuning into a great neighbor/friend/son, ect.; Happy Holidays”

“Tune into my heart full of love/friendship for you”

~Filled Basket of any individual Items

“Wishing you a basketful of Preparedness/Holiday blessings”

~ Sleeping Cots

“I “cot” the Preparedness bug, and now you can catch it too”

~Jars of Jam
(3, 6, 9, or 12 month supply)

“Hoping you have a hoilday jam-packed with fun!”

“Have a “Berry” nice holiday season/mothers day.”

~Cocoa Mix (Purchase a case from the cannery)

“Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas/new years/birthday/Valentines day”

~Pasta (Purchase a case of Macaroni from the Cannery)

“Have a “pasta-tively” happy holiday/birthday/new year”

~Muffin Mix
(3, 6, 9, or 12 year supply)

“You're getting “Muffin” for Christmas.”

(3, 6, 9, or 12 month supply)

“Just “popping” by with a Holiday/Birthday hi!”

~Soup (homemade jars of dry mix or a supply of canned soup)

“Wishing you a “Souper” Holiday Season/birthday, ect.”

“We wish you a Wonderful Holiday/Birthday “simmering” gently with love.”

~Washboard & Clothes Wringer or Washclothes & Dishtowels

“This Christmas/birthday/mothers day, you deserve the best, a present unlike all the rest. We considered a new car or an exotic cruise... but decided on something you could really use. Finally we found you a gift to admire,

We hope you enjoy your new Washer & Dryer!!

~Jarred Bread & Recipe
(3, 6, 9, or 12 month Supply)

“We're not “Loafing” around when we say you're the best mom/neighbors, ect. Happy holidays/birthday,ect.”

~Jarred Butter or Powdered Butter

“You “butter” have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday, ect.”

~Chocolate Chips
(3, 6, 9, or 12 year supply)

“However the “Chips” may fall, we wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday, ect. All in all!”

~Pancake Mix & Syrup
(3, 6, 9, or 12 year supply)

“We are “pouring out” Christmas/birthday wishes and hoping you have a Christmas/Birthday “Flip-over”

~Rope/Bungee cords/Straps for years supply

“May your Birthday/Holidays be “tied” up with festive fun!”


“Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was worried, he had an emergency, boy was he flurried! The power was off, and his flashlight was dead, he didn't buy Batteries” when Mrs. S. said. We wouldn't want you in a similar plight, so we give you batteries to lighten your night. Merry Christmas to you, may you walk in the light”

~Cannery Fruit Drink Mix

“Pouring out” Christmas/Birthday cheer to you and yours!”

~Any Preparedness Book
(Canning, survival, recipe, gardening, ect.)

“May the message of this book fill your heart and home with love and safety this Christmas Season.”

Individual Item Ideas Big & Small-

(Wrap them up, put a bow on top, stuff them in stockings)

~Sewing Kit



~Sleeping Bags

~Hand Crank Radio

~Pressure Canner

~Metal Dinnerware

~Hand Crank/Shaker Flashlights

~Food Storage Buckets with Lids

~Any Item from the Cannery- Single Can or Case of 6 with a

~Hand Can Opener

(Add a recipe corresponding with the food to the top with a bow)

~Tarps with no tear grips & straps


~Water Bath

~Cast Iron Cookware or Dutch Oven

~Canning Jars & Lids

~100 hour Candles

~Books- Recipe/Survival/Canning/ Gardening

~Non-Hybrid Seeds

~Rope/Bungee cords/straps

Gift Baskets or Packs-
(Add to or Take Away Items, to make it cost affective)

Sewing Box/Basket

Safety Pins(all sizes) needles, thread(heavy/lightweight), buttons, zippers, iron-on patches, shoelaces, sewing

patterns, material, stove top iron -vintage

Emergency Car Kit/Bag

Food, water, first-aid kit, blanket, flashlight, gas siphon, wipes, Kleenex/T.P, map/compass, cash, pad/pencil,

cards/activities, flares, matches, jumper cables, calling card, extinguisher, a reminder to add spare keys and

walking shoes/socks.

Potty Bucket
“Hope you don't have a crappy day”

Toilet(bucket & seat), T.P., hand sanitizer, baby wipes, garbage bags(for lining bucket), gift card to purchase

feminine products.

First Aid Kit

list is endless, purchase already made, or create your own.

Emergency Family Activity Basket/Rubbermade Container/Box

Board games, cards, dominoes, coloring books/crayons, game/activity books, pencils/sharpeners, puzzles.

Water Pak

30 0r 55 gallon Barrels, hand pump, barrel wrench, Filter, water purification tablets/liquid, white hose.

Keeping your Mouth Happy Basket (3, 6, 9, or 12 month supply)

Toothbrushes (1 per month, per person) Toothpaste (1 lrg. per month per person) Dental Floss (1 a month per person) Mouthwash (1 bottle per 2 months per person) Toothrepair kit(fillings, picks, ect can be bought at store)

72 Hour Kit/bag/backpack

There are a lot of different ideas and lists. Remember to add a reminder to pack clothes and shoes.

Lighting the Way Basket

Add any and all kinds of ways to light. Candles, flashlights, matches, oil lamps, lightsticks, lighters, ect.

A Gift that keeps Giving Basket

Non-Hybrid Seeds, small garden tools, sprouter, gloves, seed starter, watering can.

Basket of Preparedness Books

Canning, recipe, survival, herb/plant, gardening, ect.

Laundry Gift Tub
(packed in large tub)

Clothes line, bag of clothes pins, hand crank clothes wringer, laundry soap or gift card, wash board, scrub brush

Keeping You Connected, Communications Gift Basket

Hand crank radio, signal mirror, signal whistle, road flares, calling card, quarters/cash, map, pre-stamped

postcards, document to be filled out entitled friends and family phone numbers/addresses with your name already on the list to start.

Dutch Oven, any size

Add dutch oven liners, hot pads, lifter, cook/use book

Cooking Gift Basket (3, 6, 9, or 12 month supply)

Plastic wrap, heavy duty foil, zip lock bags (all sizes), wooden/metal spoons, tongs, spatulas, colander/stainer,

cheesecloth, dish towels

A to Z Preparedness Items


This list covers a variety of conditions - being able to stay in the home after a crisis, as well as having to leave your home because of a disaster.

Some of these items are obvious luxuries which would bring comfort in a time of crisis. Prepare for a variety of scenarios.

Carbon Monoxide - Battery Powered

Aluminum Foil:
Regular & Heavy Duty, also for Make-Shift Items (See “Cardboard”)

Arts & Crafts:
Paints, Colored Pencils, Glue, Beads, Art Paper, etc.

Wheat grinder-Hand & Electric, Blender, Mixer, Crock Pot

Electric Fry Pan-Roaster, Toaster, Pressure Cooker (Electric with Solar)

Diapers, Formula, Ointments, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Wipes, etc.

Backpacks-Duffle Bags

Re-chargeable, Non-rechargeable, Solar Batteries

Battery Chargers:
Electric & Solar

Cots, Mattresses, Tri-Fold Pads, Frames, Mats

Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Pillows, Sheet Sets, Throws, Quilts

Tires, Tubes, Pumps, Chains, etc

Plain, not scented: 4-6% sodium hypochlorite

Scriptures, Religious, Camping, Survival, Educational, Relaxation & Entertainment

Mosquito Coils, Repellents, Sprays, Skin So Soft, Fly Swatters

Canning Supplies:
Canner, Jars, Lids, Wax, Timer, Markers

Have on hand to construct make-shift survival items for others who do not have these things such as sun ovens, coal ovens, refrigerators, etc. Patterns are available trough internet & books.

Cleaning Supplies:
Disinfectant, Scrubbies, Dish Detergent, Window

Clothing & Shoes:
Cold Weather, Outerwear, Underwear, Night Wear, Sunday Wear, Athletic Shoes, Boots, Sandles, Water Shoes

Cast Iron, Electric skillet (Solar), Pressure Cooker, Pots,Pans

Ham Equipment, Frequency List Books, Radios, Walkie-Talkies, Flare Signals, Mirror-Signals

Chests of Drawers:
To contain and transport items

Bleach-Non Scented, 6-6% Sodium Hypochlorite, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Disinfectant Sprays & Wipes

Essential Oils:
Distiller, Droppers, Spray Dispensers, Empty Bottles & a Variety of Oils as an alternative means of medicine, cleaner, ect.

Electrical Access:
Power strips and Multiple Size Extension Cords to connect to Solar Unit

cards, books, board games, crayons, ect.

Eye Glasses:
Reading and Prescription

Extinguishers, Baking soda, Matches, Lighter Fluid, Fire Starters

First Aid Kits:
Basic First Aid Kit, Trauma Kit , Suture Kit

Poles, Lines, Supplies & Tools

Tarps, Rubber Squares, Carpets, Outdoor Mats

Drinks, Oils, Baking Goods, Canned Goods, Drinks, Grains, Legumes, Milk Products, Dry Packed Meals, MRE’s, Snacks, Spices, Sweeteners, Thickeners

Chairs, Tables, TV with DVD player, Shelving, Chests, Beds, Kitchen set-up, PVC Pipe Bathroom Cubicle

Food Storage:
#10 Cans, Buckets, Bucket Lid Opener, Diatomaceous Earth, Oxygen Absorbers,

Propane, Kerosene, Lighter Fluid, Charcoal, Wood, Gas, Siphons, Pumps, Funnels

Games, Cards, Dice, Timer, Pads & Pencils

Garbage Bags:
Several sizes

Garbage Cans:
For Garbage, Transporting & Water

Garden Basics:
Square Boxes & Grids, Seeds, Tools, Water Pail

Garden Soil:
Compost, Peat Moss, Coarse Vermiculite (1/3rd each)

Family Histories, Search & Result Files, Forms

Gas Generator, Solar Generator

Rifles, Hand Guns, Ammunition, Cleaning tools, Holsters

Hooks & Hanging Cubbies:
Use hooks on vertical poles in tent

Hygiene Needs:
Body, Hair, Dental, Feminine, Nails, & Shaving, Facial Products, Make-up, Curling Iron/Curlers

Ice Chests:
insulated (Also keeps things from freezing in winter)

Important Papers:
Bank Records, Birth Certificates, Church Records, Deeds, Medical Records, Certifications, Wills, Genealogy.

For Windows, Tents, Make-Shift items (See “Cardboard”)

Diaries, Scrapbooks, Journals, Personal History

Kitchen Aides:
Can openers, Egg Beater, Whisks, Timer, Cooking Utensils-Spoons, Grater, Drainer, Bowls, Colander, Cutting Board

Files, Stones, Steel, Hunting Knives, Pocket Knives & Kitchen

Clothes Line, Clothes Pins, Hangers, Detergent, Washboards, Mop bucket- wringer, Buckets, Plunger

Light Sources:
Solar Lights, Flashlights, Light Sticks, Torches, Candles, Wicks, Lamps, Lanterns, Mantles, Oil, Light Bulbs

Various types and sizes

Medical Equipment:
Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Oximeter, Thermometer, Glucose Meter

Medicines & Alternatives:
For Common Medical Conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety, Asthma, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroid, Heart Medications, Oxygen Needs, Seizures, EO's ,Etc.

Music & Movies:
CD’s & DVD’s, LDS Hymnal, Primary Music, etc.

Maps, Compass, Address Book, Phone Book

Over-the-Counter Medications & Alternatives:
For Allergies, Bites, Stings, Bronchitis, Colds, Canker Sores, Constipation, Diarrhea, Eye Irritation, Fever, Fever Blisters, Flu, Fungal Infections, Hemorrhoids, Indigestion, Nasal Congestion, Nausea, Pain, Poison Ivy, Sunburn, Vomiting, Wound Care

Office Supplies:
Paper, Pads, Pens, Pencils, Sharpener, Calculator, Stapler, Tape, Ink Cartridges, Lap Top, Printer

Solar Oven, Wood or Coal Burning Oven, Propane Oven, Dutch Ovens, kerosene

Paper Products:
Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels, Napkins

Picnic Products:
Plastic Utensils, Plates, Cups, Bowls

Rain Gear:
Ponchos, Rubber Boots, Umbrella

Repair Kit:
Screen Patches, Glue, Nails, Screws, Nuts & Bolts, patches for Inflatable’s

Various sizes and types

Soy Sauce, Braggs, Vinegar, Bullions, Gravies

72 Hour Emergency Kits

Scissors, Fabrics & Sewing Supplies

Special Needs:
Babies, Elderly, Handicapped, Medical Conditions

Propane, Coleman, Kerosene, Wood-Coal-Pellet Stove

Tape & Plastic:
Duct Tape, White& Black Plastic for Misc needs

Tents & Storage:
Tents, Tarps, Stakes, Twine, Rope, Spikes

Hammers, Screw Drivers, duct tape, Etc.

Plastic Bags, Disinfectants, Deodorizers

Towels & Rags:
Dishes, Hands, Bathing, Multi-Purpose

Mouse, Rat, Ant, Cockroach, Wasp, Fly Swatter

Child and Adult

Transporting Receptacles:
Wagons, Carts, Bikes & Dollies

Purifiers, Filters, Storage Receptacles, Pumps, Siphons

Wood Cutting Tools:
Bow Saw, Axe, Hatchet, Wedges, Honing Oil

Zip Lock Bags & Plastic Wrap:
Several sizes and rolls

As you may notice, this list is quite extensive and extreme. Yet I like how detailed it gets in some areas...I think more then anything it is good to get one thinking about what might be useful for one's specific circumstances. And also getting out of our complacency.

I have a cousin that told me that they as a family have decided to not buy anything at all in the month of December. They are going to try and live only on what they already have stored, and stocked up on. I need to do a follow up with her and ask how that is going. A possible idea to implement in your on family. It would probably take me a year of preparing and setting up to do a full month of not going to the store, or doing ANY type of shopping.

If anyone is thinking of trying this, please let me know..I would love to hear how it goes.