Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ideas of storing perishables long-term

There are SO many ideas out there on how to bring our perishables from the fridge to the Pantry shelf.

Boxed milk, evaporated milk, canned butter (yes, you really can do this...I have seen it done, I should do a tutorial, sometime), powdered eggs, etc, etc.

I had someone ask me recently about storing cheese. Her grandchildren LOVE Macaroni & Cheese, and she wanted a more long term, and possibly more cost-effective way of storing Mac & Cheese.

The neat thing is, there are many different ways to store don't have to rely on refrigeration.

I read a method of how one family stored a block of cheese in a cool dark place for many was still edible, just a sharper flavor.

There is also powdered cheese...which is of course PERFECT for the comfort food of Macaroni & Cheese. Below are a couple of links to companies that carry Cheese Powder...I have never ordered from any of these places, so I don't know anything about them...I just wanted to give some ideas.
Honeyville Grain
Emergency Essentials
A browse through a search engine will bring you a dozen more ideas. There are SO many companies out there! If you have ordered from a specific company, or know of a place that has fair prices, and good service...please share your information.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE They have a line of food called Thrive which is fantastic for both flavor and quality. If you use the coupon code save 15 you can also save 15% off at checkout!!!!

jonandsteph said...
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jonandsteph said...

Thank you for the idea, and the coupon code. (LOVE saving money) :) I will have to check out their site. I love their shelves..