Monday, March 7, 2011

Solar/Sun Ovens

The guy (Paul Munson) who taught the free Sun Oven class last week told us about a blog that has recipes and hints on it from a woman that uses hers every day that lives in our area. He said you could find the link at his web site which is:

Lots of information on this blog. Lot of the same stuff he told us at his meeting this week. Mr. Munson has been to 5 continents, including Africa, teaching people how to save on fuel and to cook their food with the sun... He said the more people that he can help to help themselves, the better this world will be... As I said, it was a great class! He also said the solar oven works in -5 degrees below zero, but we live in a great climate to make it even easier. He said as long as you have about 2-3 hours of sun a day, you can cook; and he also said that it may take longer than regular cooking in some places, but that you can leave what you are cooking all day (say you put it on in the morning before you go to work, and then it will be ready when you get home later in the day), that the food does not burn in the solar oven...

He also has some great recipes using our food supplies-

Also see Jennifer's Solar Cooking Page with lots of tips and hints, links, and upcoming solar cooking events in our state, as well as elsewhere, books, and other solar oven manufacturers. Very informative and interesting information.

Also see: On this website, among other things, she talks about pasturizing your water with a WAPI... find out what that means and how easy it is to do that.

Do you know you can boil eggs in the solar oven without any water? See how at She also talks about cooking a frozen chicken... see what happened with that!

Wendy DeWitt talks about solar oven cooking on