Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recipes, using every day food storage.

My Sister-in-law, Sarah, sent me some recipes that look YUMMY! They are from the blog: everydayfoodstorage. I have perused this blog a few times, and really like what I see. Love, love, love all the pictures of the completed recipes. I am a visual type of person. At the site she states: 'don’t we all eat with our eyes first?' For sure!

Here is a link to some printable recipes, that look scrumptious. Sarah said she was planning on trying the banana pineapple freeze, I hope she does and posts a comment on how it turns out.


Sarah said...

I tried it! The banana pineapple freeze turned out great. I'm not a big one for dried milk, but the freeze tasted just as good as made with the regular wet stuff. I may have to try out some of the other recipes too, now. Ryan asked me to make the freezes again sometime, so that's a good sign... :)

jonandsteph said...

Sounds like success! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to try it sometime, soon. I need to get some powdered milk. (Maybe I will substitute evaporated milk, cause I have some that is going to expire)