Monday, January 26, 2009

Washing clothes by Hand...

I just got done reading a blog entry on washing clothes by hand. Very informative, and a GREAT idea. I remember about 8 years ago that I had one of those 'hand crank' little washer containers. Where you put the clothes in, close the lid, and then rotate or 'crank' the handle. This tutorial I just got done reading sounds like a much better solution. PLUS, there are more then one uses for the bucket and plunger (well, if you use the plunger for that you might not want to use it again for washing your clothes). plus, not as much 'wasted space' in your storage room. ;)

This might be a good solution for a friend of mine that doesn't have a washer, and has had to do her laundry in her tub a few times. (when there isn't any extra money to go to the laundry mat)